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    Order up! Survey service taken to a new level.

    Press Release: July 13, 2011

    FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (July 13, 2011) – ZweigWhite is offering for the first time a confidential report  that shows how any individual firm stacks up against industry norms.

    YourWay Survey stacks your company against survey sample data, making comparisons crystal clear. Being able to plug the statistics about your firm results in a completely customized experience and allows the survey to be used to its true and full potential.

    “No one else is doing this… and I don’t know why,” says Mark C. Zweig, ZweigWhite CEO.

    ZweigWhite currently publishes eight surveys that are available with this option and more are on the way. Comparing a single firm’s data with normative industry data is the purpose of purchasing a ZweigWhite management survey. The “YourWay” option makes benchmarking easier – it doesn’t obscure what the reader really is interested in and puts the focus on the firm. This report is also a great way for a firm to keep a permanent record of statistics and progress that can be used for a variety of purposes.

    To use the service, a representative from the firm needs only to fill out a simple questionnaire and in addition to the full survey report they will receive a customized edition featuring an executive summary with a line-by line comparison of the firm’s responses with industry-wide medians for every survey question.

    Whether it’s benchmarking data on salaries and compensation, financial performance, merger and acquisition activity, marketing and information technology spending, or fee and billing, Zweig says, “We’re like Burger King – you can get the info you want, your way.”

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