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    Many in the A/E industry feel they are a victim of a larger war!

    Press Release: September 1, 2011 
     FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (September 1, 2011) – It’s hard to overcome adversity! Politics, the government, and the economy are major thorns in the side for many architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental firm leaders.

    The excruciatingly painful debt ceiling raise fight, the ensuing credit downgrade, and the overall dark mood surrounding the economic recovery, are only the most recent jabs that a battered industry has faced during the extended recession/slow recovery. Business leaders in the design world told The Zweig Letter via an informal survey that the economy is the biggest threat to their business.

    Of those surveyed, 42 percent picked the economic slump as a major concern and obstacle. Furthermore, most feel that this is an obstacle no business strategy can overcome. When asked if they felt their business is performing as it should given their efforts and the economic climate, 73.7 percent of respondents said “yes,” and 21.1 percent said “no.”

    Paul Jewel, principal planner and chief operations officer at NelsonNygaard Consulting Associates, a transportation planning firm in San Francisco, ranked along with “yes” responses, but added that the ”recent economic developments regarding the debt ceiling and budget negotiations will mean far less federal money for transportation projects over the coming years.”

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