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    Make your marketing count.  Here are seven marketing metrics you need to be tracking.

    1. Revenue/Sales goals: While not exactly a measure of your firm’s marketing success, revenue or sales goals should be the cornerstone of your firm’s marketing plan and strategy.  Related to this is the dollar volume of work sold.  Only 71% of all firms track the dollar volume of work sold and only 33% share this information with marketing staff.
    2. New/repeat client ratio: Being able to know who you are selling to the most gives you the ability to tweak your marketing strategies to optimize for specific goals.
    3. Proposal hit rate: Fast-growth firms submitted 53% more proposals than the average firm!
    4. Total number of contacts in the CRM database or contact mailing list. How many people receive your marketing messages? Quality is critical, but volume  is important too.
    5. Website Analytics: All the statistics relating to your website. According to Zweig Group’s 2016 Marketing Survey, the average number of unique visits per week in this industry is only around 750.  Know your website bounce rate and average length of a page visit.
    6. Qualified leads via each marketing channel and leads that result in jobs.  While this can be hard to measure, do your best, then spend money on the things that are bringing in the most money.
    7. Social media statistics such as followers, engagement, and overall impressions. This is one area where constant growth is possible. Take some time to understand your current social media presence. Then set goals and achieve them!

    Key your eye out for a more in depth article on this subject in The Zweig Letter later this month.