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    Revolutionary new product for Financial Benchmarking

    The 2017 Financial Performance Benchmarking Tool is an excel based tool developed to help firm leaders make real-time decisions that impact firm performance and profitability.

    The 2017 Financial Performance Benchmarking Tool will help you:

    • Compare your firm’s financial performance to other firm’s
    • Understand how the allocation of funds impacts your metrics
    • Improve financial statements and accounting methods–make sure your documents are in order.
    • Maximize profitability
    Analyze over 35 financial and business management metrics by 9 different categories to see how your firm is performing against other firms similar to yours.​ Drill down into the details with ease! Use the tool to see how your firm can allocate resources and funds to improve on specific metrics. Improve overall profitability and firm performance, by seeing how each adjustment impacts different metrics.
    ​Use the quartile functions to see the results and find trends by firm size, growth rate, profitability, firm type, and more!​
    ​Use different views of the data to see how trends are developing and exactly where your firm sits on the curve.​
    Compare your firms Income Statement and Balance Sheet to the average firm. By seeing the allocation of firm resources, leaders can find ways to make the right ajustments at the right time to achieve specific goals.
    For detailed questions about this tool, email