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    Just for fun: What NOT to do…social media edition

    Social Media: What NOT to do

    There’s a lot of advice out there about how to best use social media to market your company.  We even have a social media guide just for the AEC Industry available for download SOCIAL MEDIA for AEC FIRMS.

    Here are a few examples of what you shouldn’t do….

    Example 1: The Birthday Announcement

    Birthday announcements are a favorite for company social media pages in the AEC Industry. It’s nice to celebrate your staff, but at least do it with a flattering picture of both the individual and your workplace.

    Twitter: Staff Birthday


    Example 2: Around the office… the meeting picture

    These happen a lot and we’re not sure why….

    Twitter Post: Company Meeting

    Example 3: “We won an award!” announcement

    It’s always great to celebrate achievements, and posting your firm’s awards and accomplishments on social media seems like a good way to let your clients know you’re capable & doing great things.  Many AEC industry firms post award announcements to help draw future or potential employees to their firms -after all, who doesn’t want to work for a firm that is winning? Sometimes in an overall eagerness to get something posted marketers forget basic photography skills (and good lighting can be hard to find at awards ceremonies).

    Example 4: Awards Post (Could be anywhere)

    Facebook in particular seems to fall victim to an overly thin line between public & private.  Some things do not need to be announced to the world, “Donuts up front,” is one of them.


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