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    TZL Podcast Life Hacker Series: Tech

    In the first episode of the new TZL Podcast Life Hacker series, Randy Wilburn and Sanjay Jenkins run through some of the tech tools and “hacks” that make their lives and their work easier. The discussion touches upon the best apps to listen to podcasts, the best communication tool for teams within a company/organization, and even an app that lets you know the best time to use the bathroom during a movie!

    Apps mentioned:

    1. Slack. A great team communication tool. Wilburn mentions how Gary Vaynerchuk’s company, Vaynermedia, has replaced email with Slack for internal communications.
    2. Evernote. A versatile note-keeping app that integrates with a lot of other apps and hardware. Wilburn keeps records/saves everything on Evernote. The premium plan, which includes 10GB storage, is $69 a year.
    3. Expensify. An expense reporting app. Wilburn uses this to track all of his expenses, especially when he goes on work trips. You can forward email receipts to a unique Expensify email address and the app will automatically sort the receipt into the relevant folder set up for that trip/project.
    4. “+” hack. Add a “+” to the end of a short-link and you can see all metrics related to that link. This helps you track traffic to the target destination through that specific link.
    5. RunPee. An app that tells you when the best time to use the bathroom during a movie so that you don’t miss any of the important stuff.
    6. iOS Podcast app. Native on iOS devices.
    7. Stitcher. Podcast app.
    8. Overcast. Podcast app.
    9. Podcast and Radio Addict. Podcast and radio app for Android devices.

    People and podcasts mentioned:

    1. Gary VaynerchukGaryVee podcast. CEO of Vaynermedia, social media marketing wizard.
    2. James AltucherThe James Altucher Show. Author, entrepreneur.
    3. Tim FerrissThe Tim Ferriss Show. Author, entrepreneur, professional life hacker. Wilburn and Jenkins reference Ferriss’s book, Tools of Titans. Wilburn and his wife were featured on Ferriss’s blog a little while back.
    4. Serial. Award-winning podcast that combines expert storytelling with controversial current events.

    The next episode will include life hacks for health and wellness.

    Additional information:

    Sanjay Jenkins
    twitter: @SanjayAtPlay
    Instagram: @CorndogBillionaire
    Youtube: Sanjay Jenkins

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    twitter: @RandyWilburn

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