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    Project Managers: 10 things we bet you didn’t know.

    Let’s talk about project managers:  

    1. The average hourly billing rate for a project manager was $144 last year.
    2. Project mangers who were working in the south central region, at fast-growth firms, or at firms of over 250 people, were all more likely to have higher than average billing rates.
    3. Project managers have an average chargeability (utilization rate) of 74%.
    4. Only 30% have the authority to negotiate fees for projects.
    5. Only 4% of PMs have sole, unlimited contracting authority.
    6. The average Project Manager is 48 years old & male.
    7. Most PMs (86%) say they feel their level of authority accurately reflects their level of responsibility.
    8. 67 percent of PMs say they feel their compensation accurately reflects their level of responsibility.
    9. Project managers manage an average of six projects at once.
    10. Project managers receive a median of 20 vacation days per year

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