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    Zweig Group Media: JJ Brantingham, Co-Founder, Planifi

    Randy Wilburn recently had a chance to speak with JJ Brantingham, co-founder of Planifi, a software company that helps A/E firms see and understand their most valuable resources: their people and projects. JJ and his colleague and co-founder Tom Vandervort started the firm in 2015 and they haven’t looked back. JJ talked about the early stages of the software and how today’s version of Planifi compares with Analyzer, the company’s original product. They’ve been through several iterations of the software, each time making the product better than the last version. Planifi works with Deltek to compare planned dollars and resources against the live job-to-date. In a nutshell, Planifi helps people see and understand what’s going on with their projects.

    Planifi products are built from the ground up to help A/E firms make better decisions. Visual, intuitive, and flexible – Planifi products are optimized for A/E operations and practices. Award-winning architectural and engineering firms use the software to stay informed and make better decisions.

    Planifi is a sponsor of the 2017 Hot Firm & A/E Industry Awards Conference.

    If you want to learn more about the software, this is the episode for you!

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