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    Zweig Group Media: Will Swearingen, Director of R&D, Zweig Group

    In this episode, Randy Wilburn had the chance to speak with Will Swearingen, director of R&D at Zweig Group, about AEC industry data and all of the surveys produced at Zweig Group. Will and his team get to crunch information supplied to Zweig Group by survey participants. He then takes that data and makes sense of it in 12 surveys geared for the AEC industry. Will shared some interesting data points from some of the surveys that were completed this year.

    His findings include:

    • Overhead rates are down
    • Utilization or charge ability is trending down
    • Firms are incredibly profitable

    Will also shared that, according to the data, base compensation has gone down in several entry level roles in the industry. They also talked about one of the biggest challenges facing aging firm owners – the ownership transition process and how to address the needs of the next generation of leaders.

    Hear about this and more in this episode of The Zweig Letter podcast.

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