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    Only 61% of Project Managers are responsible for their budget

    Zweig Group released the brand new 2017 Project Management Survey on October 24, 2017.

    To conduct this study, Zweig Group surveyed project managers working in architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms, to get their data, perspective, and insight into the job role. We also surveyed CEOs and top management at industry firms to get their perspective on the role and how it fits into the overall organization. Putting both these perspectives together we were able to create a comprehensive publication on the state of project management in the industry.

    In this new publication, Zweig Group was surprised to find that project managers are working an average of 47 hours/week, managing an average of nine projects, and are 64% job chargeable.  Their average salary was $108,968/year (median was $100,000/year) something that has seen very little change over past few years.

    Regardless of how much time firms devote to planning, it is pretty much inevitable that unforeseen factors— both internal and external— will arise at some point during a project. We asked PMs what internal factors have the most impact on their projects.  Communication breakdowns (51%), inadequate fee for the work required (37%), and unrealistic deadlines or schedules (37%), were among the most cited issues.

    While PMs report going over budget on 18% of projects, only 61% of project managers said they were always responsible for their project budget and 11% said rarely or never!

    Check out this survey if you want to learn more.

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