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    The power of face to face communication

    Melissa Swann, Events Manager, Zweig group

    A Note from Melissa Swann

    Events Manager


    My first year at Zweig Group reaffirmed my faith in the power of face-to-face communications.

    I developed an appreciation for the profound contributions that architects, engineers and environmental consultants bring to to the safety, health and comfort of people throughout the world. I’ve also gained respect for their voracious appetite for continuous learning.

    Finally, what I found most helpful to understanding the importance of my role was learning how these skilled professionals are also people, with the desire to connect with other people, particularly likeminded men and women who share similar problems and aspirations.

    We understand at Zweig Group that fulfilling CEUs and PDHs is not an option, but choosing how and where one earns this accreditation can be very important… and highly variable! Finding quality time to develop oneself often feels unattainable, overshadowed by deadlines, duties and never-ending responsibilities.

    Recognizing the stress of the work environment, we create learning environments that are also conducive to reflection and social interaction. We see nothing wrong with combining business with pleasure, and the feedback we receive from our events confirms the value of our approach and our attention to detail. Clients tell us that our events offer a rich experience —combining education, human connections and personal growth.

    The year ahead promises more sharing of knowledge of the best qualities and practices from the best performing firms in the country, and in remarkable settings — from Sonoma to Seattle, Quebec City to Charleston, SC. Our goal is to help elevate the standing of an industry that is all too often under-appreciated. The events, meetings and seminars Zweig Group plans for 2018 will be designed further this goal — to inform, motivate and inspire; and to provide those opportunities to form new and valuable relationships, such that participants not only learn from each other but also help each person feel part of this great community of professionals who are truly moving the civilization forward.

    Melissa Swann
    Events Manager
    Zweig Group