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    A Chat with Chad

    Chad Clinehens, President & CEO

    Chad’s very real, (although slightly less than serious) outlook on 2018…

    What will happen in 2018?

    • The words “ solutions”, “creative”,  “unique” and  “innovative” will continue to be in the industry’s most overused buzzwords in 2018. Guided by weak strategic planning facilitators (non-Zweig Group), these firms will use these words in the formation of various mission and vision statements, aiding them in their relentless pursuit toward matching average performing firms. 
    • There will be a record amount of boxed lunches consumed during committee meetings at AEC firms in 2018, boosting earnings at both Panera Bread and Jason’s Deli, much to the delight of Wall Street. It’s important to note that among AEC firms that use committees to execute strategic plans, progress on initiatives will advance -3% in 2018. Additionally, 1.2% of those consuming dishes containing alfalfa sprouts, will contract food poisoning, resulting in a loss of 1.4 days of billable work.
    • The amount of gloating that my colleague, Jamie Claire Kiser, will continue to express in 2018 regarding her frequent flyer status will far out pace the actual slim margin in which she surpasses me in both miles and segments on American Airlines. My ability to tolerate such gloating, however, will remain unchanged through October. 
    All joking aside, the industry continues to zip along at record levels and we continue to be bullish on the future. Now is the time for firms to invest in real strategic planning processes that aid them in getting the most out of the current opportunities in the industry as well as preparing them for future evolving opportunities. I love working with firms to help them differentiate themselves and to develop plans they can execute to drive even more growth and profits. Our consulting team is growing with the best in the industry and we are ready to serve you with any need you have. We are here to elevate the industry and there is no better time to do it!

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