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    15 Things YOU can do to be a more effective Project Manager

    Project Manager

    Some say that Project Management is a science. We’re not sure about that but here are some simple things you can do to be the best Project Manager you can be!

    1.  Find out what the client’s REAL expectations are.  If they are unrealistic, You need to confront them!
    2. Make sure the proposal/contract reflects what you will do.  If there’s language in there that misrepresents that get rid of it.  Don’t keep using old standard documents.
    3. Get the best fee you can get so you can AFFORD to do a good job.
    4. Share the client’s expectations with everyone who works on the project.
    5. Tell the entire project team everything else you know about the client and the project.
    6. Study the psychology of selling.  As a Project Manager, you will have to get other people to do things for you- people who most likely don’t report to you.  That means you need to understand how to influence people. – Cialdini
    7. Have a well-organized electronic filing system, one everyone can access, and one with a file for every project.
    8. Deal with everything immediately.  Respond to calls, texts, and emails promptly.
    9. Send out notes from any meetings or phones calls with the client immediately.
    10. CALL the client.  Don’t just send emails.
    11. Do a weekly job progress report, whether or not the client requires it of you.
    12. Get out in the field. Go to the project site as often as you can!
    13. Continuously revise the project budget and schedule as the project evolves.  Don’t wait until set intervals to do this.
    14. Try to work with the same internal team members and sub-consultants on all jobs.  The less variation you have, the better everyone will know each other and work together.
    15. Build up your team members.  That will make them feel good and want to work with you in the future.

    You can find these and more tips in a number of our Training programs here at Zweig Group. You have the choice of coming to one of our open enrollment programs, In-House training option if you have a large team of PM’s that need some fine tuning, or you want to take a refresher course online (see below). We’ve got you covered.

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    One of the biggest takeaways from this online PM Training

    is the idea that Project Managers must act.

    “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”  – Mark Zweig

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    • Brett Hoffstadt

      Thanks for the list of tips and strategies. I’m a certified project manager (PMP) who is always trying to learn and improve. This list gives a lot of positive reinforcement. Communication, compliance, and collaboration are excellent themes here.
      Point 8 however I would challenge you on. Everything can’t be done immediately. Priorities have to be set. But communication definitely is a high priority, which perhaps was your point. Especially when you are in the moment – active listening and engagement must be your focus.

    • rwilburn

      Hey Brett, Thanks for the comments. We appreciate the feedback. With regards to Point 8 we were referring to communication. Effective communication is a challenge for a lot of PM’s and we discuss ways to overcome that in the one-hour video. Let us know if you have any additional questions or thoughts.

      Randy Wilburn
      Director of Education

    • Kyle

      Thanks for the article. Communication has always been a challenge for almost all Project managers. Let me add one more thing on the list which I think is also a need. We all know that most projects won’t go on as planned. I mean problems arise all the time and Improvisation skill is a need. The ability to adapt or react to any problem is I think also a must for every PM who wants to be successful. I got that idea here on this article

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