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    Doug Parker

    The Zweig Letter podcast: Building trust with your employees – Mark Zweig

    On this episode of The Zweig Letter podcast, Randy Wilburn and Mark Zweig discuss building trust with your employees.

    Mark believes that if you want to keep good people, they need to trust you and feel like they’re being taken care of. Mark talks about several things that firm leaders should be doing to keep good people on staff, including:

    • Sharing the business plan with your team
    • Going to lunch with different team members
    • Sitting down and talking with staff to learn more about them
    • Getting on a plane when necessary to visit other offices
    • Considering open-book management and sharing the firm’s financials with the whole team (Note: not salary information)

    According to Mark, building trust with your employees requires that they know and like you first; the trust comes after.

    These are just a few of the things you can do to engage your employees and keep a happy and healthy work environment, something every strong design firm should have.

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