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    10 Things That Will Actually Make You a Better Seller

    Think you need to a glib, fast-talker, slick salesperson to sell work? We're here to tell you otherwise.

    10 things that will actually make you a better seller:

    1.  Stop thinking you need to be someone else. You need to be you.

    2.  Make people like you by asking them questions about themselves.

    3.  Watch your social media posts dealing with politics, religion, or any other “hotbed” topics.

    4.  Return phone calls and emails faster than anyone else.

    5. Be helpful. Be positive. “Can I have that?” Yes you can.

    6.  Show interest in your clients even when you know they have nothing for you.

    7.  Use the phone and go visit people vs over-relying on email.

    8.  Dedicate a certain amount of time to your “selling” activities every day.

    9.  Write all new proposals and all new presentations.

    10.  Learn to “read” whomever you are selling to.

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