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    Doug Parker

    On this episode of the Zweig Letter Podcast, we had a chance to visit with Mitch Fortner, PE, President of KSA Engineers in Longview, TX.  Mitch shared some great advice and life lessons that he learned from his grandparents who grew up in a small Texas town during the great depression.  Mitch recently wrote a blog post about the life lessons. You can check it out here (link to blog post).

    We discussed the importance of conservation and rehabilitation in the Design Industry, the importance of visiting the client, the mentoring mindset required of a growing firm,  effective communication, and why you should be a good steward in every community you serve.

    There were a ton of great ideas volleyed back and forth between Mitch and Randy. We even learn whether Mitch is a DC or Marvel guy (Comic Book and Movie Reference) for the uninitiated and why Phil Knight’s book “Shoe Dog.” impacted him.

    Check it out and let us know what you think. Mitch has been with KSA for years and has been President for the last two. The future certainly looks bright for his firm.

    Article on Grandparents

    Mitch Fortner, P.E., President, KSA