News & Press Release

    Doug Parker

    DAVIS Construction’s New Website Sets the Standard in the Construction Industry, Wins First Place in Zweig Group’s Marketing Excellence Website Awards

    Davis Construction (Rockville, MD), a 400-person general contracting construction firm, won first place in the Website category of Zweig Group’s 2017 Marketing Excellence Awards. Davis Construction launched a completely new website early in 2016.

    Stepping away from the traditional bland, basic website design the majority of construction companies utilize, Davis implemented a dynamic and refreshing website over the course of 11 months. The Davis staff worked diligently, both internally and with development partners, to create a website that would not only lead to more work, but also to build a meaningful brand for employees, clients, and the world-at-large.

    Davis made it a point to keep the new design organized by deploying clear, concise verbiage throughout the website and implementing an intuitive navigation layout. The consistent, engaging branding on the website allowed Davis to showcase their experience and capabilities efficiently. As a finishing touch, Davis deftly integrated their multiple social media channels onto the website itself.

    Davis set out to communicate a few key messages and accomplish some major goals:

      • Davis’ mission of redefining the construction experience by building success for all
      • How Davis  listens to clients and collaborates to find the right solutions
      • Davis’ commitment to building long-term, meaningful client + employee relationships
      • How Davis employees are driven by passion to excel in service
      • Davis’ geographical focus, local expertise + commitment to the community.
      • Increase 2016 revenue, increase 2017 pipeline

    Davis dominated their goals. They increased their mobile traffic by 47%, had 2x the number of new visitors, experienced a 6x increase in social referrals, and were able to activate their target geographic area, as 75% of their site visits came from that defined region. On top of all of those achievements, the new website, complete with “informative, engaging, content paired with powerful imagery,” contributed to a 12% increase in 2016 revenue and a 33% in the 2017 pipeline.

    Davis and their new website are not strangers winning, either. The website is a finalist for the SMPS National Marketing Communications Awards, and won first place in the SMPS Washington D.C Chapter in the same category.

    Congratulations to Davis on winning first place in the Zweig Group Marketing Excellence Award in the Website category!