Zweig Group’s Marketing Excellence Award recognizes outstanding and effective marketing in the AEC industry.

    This year, award-winning entries will be showcased throughout the Elevate AEC Conference providing firms national recognition as well as a venue to showcase their talent and expertise in a dramatic setting. Award entries were judged by an external team of senior AEC marketing professionals and evaluated based upon overall creativity, messaging, results achieved by the campaign, and level of design.

    Additionally, the top three winners in each category will be on display at the conference for industry peers to vote on for the “People’s Choice Award.”

    2019 Marketing Excellence Award Winners


    1 Fabcon Precast
    2 LJA Engineering
    3 P2S Inc.


    1 Shaffer Creative LLC and Rogue Water
    2 Ulteig
    3 Ulteig
    4 Taylor Design
    5 SGA Design Group

    Corporate Identity

    1 Hourigan
    2 FXCollaborative
    3 Brycon
    4 Westwood Professional Services
    5 Concord General Contracting, Inc.


    1 P2S Inc.
    2 Maser Consulting P.A.
    3 Gilbane Building Company
    4 ATI Architects + Engineers
    5 FDH Infrastructure Services

    Project Pursuit

    LJA Surveying, Inc.
    3 Patel, Greene & Associates, PLLC
    4 Environmental Design Group
    5 Taylor Design


    1 Widseth Smith Nolting
    2 Syska Hennessy Group
    3 Southland Holdings, LLC
    4 Shive-Hattery
    5 Nabholz Corporation


    1 Garver
    2 GBBN
    3 EDG
    4 Environmental Design Group
    5 Baseline Engineering Corporation

    Integrated Marketing

    1 Fabcon Precast
    2 WGI
    T-3 Lowe Engineers, LLC
    T-5 Crafton Tull
    T-5 LJA Engineering

    Internal Marketing

    1 Wood Rodgers Inc.
    2 McKim & Creed, Inc.
    3 Fabcon Precast
    4 CORE Consultants, Inc.
    5 Walter P Moore

    Internal Newsletter

    1 DAVIS Construction
    2 Aspect Consulting
    3 Harrison French & Associates, Ltd.
    4 Patel, Greene & Associates PLLC
    5 DBR Engineering Consultants, Inc.

    Newsletter – External

    1 Pond
    2 Wright Engineers
    3 LERA Consulting Structural Engineers
    4 Sullivan Engineering
    5 Syska Hennessy Group


    1 Taylor Design
    2 LJA Engineering
    3 DAVIS Construction
    4 WGI

    Social Media

    1 Gilbane Building Company
    2 Miyamoto International
    3 Southland Holdings, LLC
    4 Patel, Greene & Associates, PLLC
    5 Dennis Group

    Special Event

    1 Huckabee
    2 McAdams
    T-3 ISG
    T-3 WGI
    5 Westwood Professional Services