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    April 09, 2020 • czweig

    Focus on the positive – Now is your chance to focus on you

    AEC Leaders – Now is the perfect time to give yourself and the workings of your firm some needed attention. Our research shows and the stories confirm that many of you have been so busy with projects and clients, you have not spent enough time addressing operational issues, planning for the future, or even taking proper care of yourself and your exit strategy. With the modified work environment we find ourselves in, now is the time to focus resources on solving some of these challenges that have been on the back burner so you and your firm come out of this stronger than ever.

    Here is how Zweig Group can help:

    Strategic planning services – Now is a great time to open up the hood, look inside, and work on defining a bigger and better future for your firm. Our strategic planning services include a tremendous amount of research on your firm, including getting feedback from employees and clients. Now is a great time to capture this valuable data while many are working from the privacy of their homes. Research is showing efficiency and time management is challenging for many staff of AEC firms. This is a great way to keep your staff and clients engaged with your business. This will arm you firm with a plan to come out of this strong and ready to operate well in a new environment.

    Staff coaching services – We’ve got experienced advisors that can work one-on-one with your staff or work with teams to help improve performance and increase motivation. We’ve got experts who can work at all levels – CEO coaching, leader/manager coaching, young professionals coaching. Now is the perfect time to work on yourself and give others in your firm the gift of resources and attention focused on them.

    Team/corporate learning experiences – Zweig Group has some great options to help keep your people engaged and career development on track.  Our live, online training courses are the solution. Utilizing our new delivery platform, we are able to facilitate custom learning experiences with a high degree of interactivity and engagement from your employees.  Our top advisors are available to custom build learning experiences for your firm that will engage your staff and keep them learning and developing during this time.  Training and employee development are still the number one benefit ranked by employees of AEC firms and this is unchanged during this COVID-19 crisis. Now is the time to engage your staff through learning in Zweig Group’s virtual classrooms, gathering your staff together to foster development and keep your culture strong.