News & Press Release

    May 06, 2020 • czweig

    Zweig Group and Client Savvy team up to help AEC firms during this COVID-19 crisis

    Zweig Group and Client Savvy are joining forces to bring AEC firms critical feedback from their clients.

    Because the COVID-19 situation continues to rapidly evolve, getting real-time feedback and data from the clients that support the AEC industry is critical for firm leaders to better make decisions. Through a joint research effort, selected firms in the Zweig Group and Client Savvy audiences will be offered a no-cost opportunity to gather feedback from clients, powered by Client Savvy’s patented Client Feedback Tool, and gain market insights from their clients. Combined with Zweig Group’s industry research expertise, this groundbreaking original research effort will provide the entire industry with valuable information as to how the clients of AEC firms are dealing with this crisis along with their expectations of the future of AEC projects and funding.

    Due to the magnitude of effort required to process the valuable feedback the Client Feedback Tool yields, this research project is restricted to a limited number of firms and is based on a targeted research pool. Participating firms will be offered an opportunity to solicit client feedback from their top clients, providing a wealth of valuable information for improving client experience. This will improve the firm’s position with clients during and after the crisis, as well as significantly improving chances of a near-term “win.” After providing feedback specific to the asking firm, the client will be offered a chance to provide additional insights into their future and forecasts. For everyone who applies to participate in this process, even if you aren’t selected to contribute to the research, you will receive a report of the buying trends and overall benchmarking. For a chance to participate, please fill out the form at this link or email