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    June 09, 2020 • czweig

    2019 Jerry Allen Courage In Leadership Award Winner

    The 2019 winner of the Jerry Allen Courage In Leadership Award is Paul Greenhagen!

    Paul joined Westwood Professional Services in 1987 on a field survey crew. He is a “man of the people” who worked up through the ranks to become president/CEO of Westwood.

    Paul truly is a fearless, honest, and open-minded leader who has an uncanny ability to get the right people in the right roles—then he gives them the autonomy to do their jobs and accomplish great things.

    Business plans are real at Westwood, as Paul has established a three-year rolling strategic planning process with quarterly updates and annual sessions to keep the firm improving and growing. He also spends a lot of his time and energy on growth through acquisitions, and they have done a bunch of them in the last few years.

    Paul led Westwood out of The Great Recession and the company grew dramatically and emerged much stronger than it ever was previously during his tenure as CEO. Their performance for a firm their size is nothing short of amazing!

    As is typically the case when you’re doing your job as a leader, just like when Jerry Allen took over the helm at Carter and Burgess, changes that had to be made weren’t always easy, but Paul confronted all the thorny issues and got his team on-board while doing so.

    We are proud to honor Paul as the 2019 Jerry Allen Courage In Leadership Award Recipient!