It’s simple. If our CEO isn’t doing things right, we can’t expect anyone else to. Our values start from the top and extend to every level of our company.

    This is the first CEO letter on Zweig Group’s newly branded website.  I’m excited you are here and hope to provide valuable insights into what’s going on at the firm and how we are engaging in the AEC community. We have exciting news to share and appreciate you taking time to visit our site.

    New Mission – Elevate the Industry
    Elevate the Industry is Zweig Group’s new mission – and we see this as a big, important idea.  As a firm, we exist to advance the AEC profession, creating a world that celebrates the built environment and recognizes its impact on individuals, communities, and commerce.

    Will you help us? You play a critical role in forming this thing we call the AEC – the industry that designs, builds, and constructs the backbone of society. Together, we hope to facilitate action in five key areas:

    Promote. To elevate, we must bind together and promote the tremendous impact our industry has on the world.

    Diversify. Unlike ever before, inclusion can impact our industry. We must seek and find talent thereby creating opportunities by embracing diversity in race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and more.

    Educate. It’s time to dig in and educate people, especially kids, about the incredible opportunities in engineering, surveying, architecture, planning, construction and beyond.  Our future – and certainly our infrastructure – depends on engaging the next generation now and engage them in the AEC profession.

    Change. It’s time for us to change the conversation.  We must fight commoditization and elevate our value in the minds of clients to wipe out low bid and fee-based selection rather than experience and expertise.

    Celebrate. It’s time we celebrate! To raise awareness to our industry, let’s celebrate the achievements of the individuals and firms who dedicate their lives to the design and construction of the world around us.

    Zweig Group Talent
    In the past 12 months, Zweig Group has made transformational progress in our journey as a firm. This January a new ownership team was developed with Doug Parker, FSMPS, CPSM joining Jamie Claire Kiser and me to lead the firm.  Doug brings over 20 years of professional services marketing and management experience to Zweig Group and has deep involvement in Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).

    Marci Thompson joined the firm as our Chief Learning Officer bringing over 20 years of experience curating content and designing learning experiences in organizations ranging from 7,000 to 100,000 members. Most recently, Marci transformed the learning program for the SMPS while serving as chief learning officer for the organization. While there, she grew training revenues significantly and expanded learning opportunities for the SMPS membership.

    In February, Zweig Group acquired Ignite Coaching and Consulting – the first acquisition of a firm in the Zweig Group era – and with that, the talents of Jen Newman, CPMS who specializes in Doer-Seller and other training for AEC firms.

    Finally, Noah Hunt was promoted to Director, Mergers & Acquisitions. Noah brings exceptional energy and passion to our clients in a white-hot market of M&A activity.

    Zweig Group Growth
    Zweig Group is fortunate to have a national client base. As we continue to grow, maintaining access to our clients across the country is critical.  The opening of our Dallas office was the first step in our expansion and provides a central location in a terrific market for Zweig Group to grow. With the addition of new talent, it made sense to office in these locations as well. So we officially have office space in Houston, Salt Lake City and Washington DC.

    Brand Launch & New Services
    Unless this is your first visit to our website, you may notice some changes with our look and feel. This May, we launched a new website and exciting new brand – elevating our content and visuals to accurately reflect the unique Zweig Group culture. The timing of our brand launch coincides with the expansion of comprehensive Marketing Consulting as a new service offering. We have a team of AEC marketing experts available to develop your marketing or BD campaign to build strategies that drive business to your bottom line.

    This change is exciting!  But, with change, we’ve not lost our focus to become the only truly client-focused firm in the AEC industry that does what we do. Fueled by the experience of the past and a powerful new mission, we aim to form a deeper and stronger connection to you, our clients.  It is my goal that we continue providing research, training, advisory, and related resources, but with a broader focus. Our focus is to elevate individuals and firms – and, by doing so, elevate the industry.


    Chad Clinehens, PE
    President & CEO

    “Fueled by the experience of the past and a powerful new mission, we can form a deeper and stronger connection to our clients.  Through sharing our data, stories, and beliefs, we can elevate individuals, elevate firms, and elevate the industry.”

    Chad Clinehens, PE
    President & CEO