The state DOT market is one of the largest in the AEC industry.

    State departments of transportation spend more than $6 billion each year on design and environmental consulting services, making the state DOT market one of the biggest in the AEC industry.

    Like many markets, the state DOT was hard-hit by the Great Recession, and constrained budgets on the state and federal level along with an outmoded method of financing transportation projects – the gasoline tax – have posed challenges to firms working in the state DOT market in recent years. The passage of the FAST Act in late 2015, a five-year, $305 billion funding bill, has restored some stability to the market. But many buyers are still looking for a longer-term funding solution that only Congress can provide.

    With billions of dollars at stake and the future of the state DOT market uncertain, it’s more critical than ever for firms to have detailed market research to assist them in their strategic business planning. The Insider’s Guide to the State DOT Market for AEC Firms, the fifth installment of our definitive market intelligence report, provides a detailed national and state-by-state look at the U.S. highway and bridge market for engineers, environmental consultants, planners, and allied professionals. Previous editions have been used by hundreds of firms to succeed in the state DOT market.

    The Insider’s Guide to the State DOT Markets

    The Insider’s Guide to the State DOT Market for AEC Firms is the most comprehensive publication available about the state DOT market for design and environmental consulting firms.

    It combines a big-picture look at the market with detailed information for each state DOT. In reality, the state DOT market is composed of 51 separate markets (including the District of Columbia), each with its own unique policies, procedures, and outlook. This Zweig Group market intelligence report contains hundreds of pages of profiles of individual state departments of transportation, providing you with the vital market data and analysis you need to obtain and retain an increasing share of the market.

    Learn about your state’s DOT Market below: