Research data is critical for benchmarking your firm against the industry.  The resources below are our gift to you.

    Zweig Group collects millions of data points on the AEC Industry every year. Free preview reports are an excellent way to get a sample of the information contained in our full research publications through highlighted top trend data on specific management topics.

    PDF Downloads

    2021 Financial Performance Survey Free Report

    This survey gathered comprehensive data on the financial performance, financial departments, challenges, methodology, and financial practices of AEC industry firms.  Fill out the form below to download a free preview report from Zweig Group’s 2021 Financial Performance Survey of AEC Firms.

    2021 Policies, Procedures & Benefits Survey Free Report

    Nearly 100% of firms have changed policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the majority are not planning on reverting. Zweig Group’s 2021 Policies, Procedures, and Benefits Report provides industry statistics on policies and procedures, so you can support your decisions with hard data. Click below to download a free preview report with data highlights from the publication.

    2020-21 Recruitment and Retention Survey Free Report

    Zweig Group surveyed AEC firms about latest methods used to hire and retain professionals in the industry. The 2020-2021 Recruitment and Retention Report gathered statistics surrounding recruiting methods and policies, training, HR departments experiences, attitudes, and challenges regarding the hiring and firing process, turnover rates, and compensation and benefits. Download a free preview of the report with data highlights from this extensive publication.

    2020 Fee & Billing Survey Free Report

    The 2020 Fee & Billing Survey of AEC Firms collected data from AEC firms on fees, billing rates, billing practices, productivity and utilization.  Enter your email below to download a free preview report with a sample of information contained in the full publication.

    2020 Marketing Survey Free Report

    The 2020 Marketing Survey of AEC Firms collected data on marketing activities, budgets, marketing department organization, staffing levels, compensation, marketing systems and infrastructure, proposal activity, hit rates, and other useful analytics. Click below to download a free preview report with highlights from this publication.

    2020 Principals, Partners & Owners Survey of AEC Firms Free Report

    This report is a preview of the data contained in Zweig Group’s 2020 Principals, Partners & Owners Survey of AEC Firms. This survey covered topics such as AEC firm ownership, stock appreciation, buy/sell agreements, non-compete agreements, voting rights, roles, responsibilities, perks, compensation, and more.

    2020 Valuation Survey Free Report

    The 2020 Valuation Survey of AEC Firms provides data gathered from AEC industry firms that have used an internal formula for valuation, have been merged or acquired, or that have been appraised by an independent valuation consultant.  This publication presents six different value ratios as well as over 100 case studies. Download the free report for preview data.

    2020 Salary Survey of Engineering Firms Free Report

    The 2020 Salary Survey of Engineering Firms, segmented by major U.S. markets & regions, is a great resource to benchmark your salaries and compensation structures. Get the entire publication here.

    2020 Salary Survey of Architecture Firms Free Report

    The 2020 Salary Survey Report of Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape Architecture Firms contains data gathered from architecture firms across the United States. Salary statistics are broken down by firm staff size and region of office for more accurate benchmarking and comparisons.  Job descriptions and average years of experience are included for all titles in the survey.

    Zweig Group is the AEC industry’s leading resource for data on nearly every aspect of managing and working in the industry.