Our M&A team brings a tireless work ethic, entrepreneurial approach, and creative solutions to every transaction. For every client.

    For most AEC firms, M&A isn’t an optional part of their strategy – it’s an essential component. Whether you’re on the buy- or sell-side of a deal, Zweig Group’s full-scale Mergers & Acquisitions advisory team can help you find and evaluate candidates and then structure the transaction – managing the complicated process from conception to the closing table.

    Zweig Group’s team of M&A advisors are industry leaders.  We approach each project as a cross-functional team consisting of professionals with different expertise working toward a common goal. With an extensive network that spans North America, we blend industry and sector knowledge with experience across the M&A lifecycle to help you capture value for shareholders.

    M&A Services

    We guarantee our clients senior level attention, a tireless work ethic and a creative, entrepreneurial approach to every transaction as the ultimate goal will always be building a long-term, successful relationship.

    Buyer Representation

    Whether you want to grow your company organically with a well-planned acquisition strategy or initiate an executive search to find the right company to buy and operate, our proven buy-side search process can help. Zweig Group’s buy-side advisory model is driven by our unique and proprietary list creation, outbound inquiries, and targeted tracking.

    Seller Representation

    We have a strong track record in achieving maximum value for clients in their sale processes.  We counsel our clients through all stages of the process as we evaluate strategic alternatives, assess potential acquirers and targets, provide valuation analyses and advise on transaction terms including valuation, structuring, timing, and potential financing.

    Deal Structuring, Negotiation,
    and Due Diligence Assistance

    The art of deal structuring involves timing, communication, and substance. We guide you through the process and structure a win-win deal for all shareholders involved.

    M&A Strategy

    M&A success starts with a roadmap. We help you articulate your criteria, ambition, and strategic objectives to build your team and capability to seize the right opportunity for your firm.

    Integration Planning & Implementation

    We help you prepare for integration well before a deal closes by setting clear goals for both teams, establishing a champion for the success of the merger, and facilitating results-focused workshops and meetings involving key players from both firms to build the necessary trust. After the deal, we keep the transition as smooth as possible by consistently monitoring progress.

    Fairness Opinions

    Whether you are a buyer or seller, our deep industry experience allows us to analyze the unique characteristics of a potential transaction and provide an estimated pricing range. Our proprietary database of AEC transaction multiples allows us to leverage real data from industry deals to provide a view of common market pricing.

    Behavioral & Brand Integration

    Integrating cultures can be challenging. Zweig Group guides newly-joined teams through successful cultural integration by digging deep into purpose, mission, vision, values, and behaviors to ensure your firm’s brand – internally and externally – is reflective of your culture. We’ll create a vision and employ strategy to align your brand to ensure smooth transition, alignment and loyalty for employees and clients alike.

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    Our assets are our people and reputation. We seek high caliber, experienced M&A advisors and corporate executives with unique talents and perspectives who are driven to find solutions for business owners’ strategic and capital challenges.

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