Zweig Group delivers a real plan, with real goals, and real action items.  And, with accountability built in to ensure your firm’s success.

    Our team of advisors work directly with company leadership, guiding the firm toward developing and achieving its critical business objectives.

    As an essential and primary investment in the firm’s future, our partnership begins with a detailed assessment of your firm gained from a thorough, customized, and proven process that gives you confidence we know you, your people, and the market conditions you’re operating in.

    We compare your operations – inside and out – to our comprehensive data set of industry benchmarks and best practices. Armed with the current assessment, our advisors work with your key leadership to craft a rich and compelling plan for the company’s future, including articulation of the vision, mission, strategies, goals, actions, and timeline for execution.

    We work with you to help you implement your strategy to ensure you succeed.

    Areas of expertise include:

    • Strategic business plan development and meeting facilitation
    • Revenue and profit growth plans
    • New market and geographic expansion plans
    • Comprehensive management assessment and operations audits
    • Confidential employee surveys and ‘Best Firm’ industry benchmarking
    • Corporate governance and organizational structure development
    • Financial and operational benchmarking analysis
    • Dynamic financial modeling development
    • S.W.O.T. (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis
    • Shareholder value assessment
    • Comprehensive compensation and incentive structure analysis and design
    • Strategy implementation and accountability services
    • M&A strategy design, searches, facilitation, and due diligence
    • Market assessments, competitive, and industry analyses
    • Values-aligned branding and marketing strategy
    • Business development training and management systems design
    • Executive coaching and leadership development
    • Client research & client perception studies

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