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    • Capital Productivity
    • Conventional Generation
    • Corporate Transformation
    • Electric Transmission & Distribution
    • Marketing, Trading & Risk
    • Market Perspectives & Regulatory
    • Midstream & Downstream
      Natural Gas
    • Renewable Energy
    • Retail & New Downstream
    • Water & Waste
    • Nuclear Generation
    employees from around
    the world
    happy clients from largest
    offices in 6 counties


    Security policies, maintainer security advisories, and more! Watch @jhutchings0 and @clarkbw from our Product team…
    RT @GitHubEducation: Show, don’t tell 👩‍💻 Draft PR’s allow your students to iterate based on feedback for better PRs, and better code. htt…

    Our people

    Jamie Claire Kiser

    Director of Consulting
    Fayetteville, AR

    Our team has seen it all, and is ready to help your firm move forward.